Ged Keane
Ged KeaneDirector
Ged is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor and has worked in the asbestos and (Work, Health & Safety) WHS industry for over 15 years throughout UK, Africa, Asia and Australia. Ged is the author of the report on 26 Bradfield Street Downer, ACT, that highlighted the ongoing risk to homeowners of loose fill amosite asbestos (Mr Fluffy), which has resulted in the ACT government initiating a buy back scheme of over a 1000 houses.

He is one of the leading consultants in this area of work and has provided advice to the ACT Government on asbestos issues. Based out of Canberra, Ged has increased capabilities to provide the superior services we offer.

Ross Bell
Ross BellConsultant
Ross Bell is a licensed asbestos assessor and junior consultant who has been employed with Keane Environmental for 18 months. He has completed all four of the asbestos training competencies ( 3 for asbestos removal and one for asbestos assessing) to give him an understanding of the complete processes involved.

Ross has been mentored closely by Ged and Steve on the Mr Fluffy project and on commercial and residential asbestos and hazardous material projects.